COMPUTING at Charlestown

The Charlestown computing curriculum has been built by combining National Curriculum expectations and a bespoke scheme which has been developed across a number of years, to develop Computing.


The Charlestown Curriculum is held together by six ‘Golden Threads’ which unite the whole school with their learning. 


Food Glorious Food



Structures & Settlements



Our learning threads make learning progression meaningful as our children can see how knowledge and understanding builds up over time.

We all know that Computing is an integral part of our everyday lives and will play an immeasurable part in our children’s futures. At Charlestown, we are aware of the World Economic Forum data which suggests that 65% of the jobs our children will move into, do not currently exist due to the technological developments which will take place over the course of our children's lives. It is for this reason that Computing is such an important element of our Curriculum.


It is our intention at Charlestown to provide our children with the ability to use their computational thinking and creativity to understand and ultimately change the world. To do this, they will need to be digitally literate to ensure they will become responsible, active participants in a digital world.


Each child will become a responsible, competent, confident and creative user of information and communication technology. They will be able to use the Internet in safe and respectful ways. They will understand the caution they need to take to stay safe online and know where to seek help if they are feeling unsafe, or see something that makes them feel uncomfortable. No child will feel threatened or unsafe whilst using the Internet at our school, as we monitor all of the activities that our children take part in, whilst online.


Every child will understand how digital systems work, and how to put this knowledge to use through programming online and real robots! They will build on this knowledge and understanding so that they are equipped to use information technology to create programs, systems and a range of content.


Our children will utilise up-to-date technology to achieve not only in Computing but across the curriculum too. Children will be able to write and debug code successfully and with confidence, using a variety of programming languages. All staff will be confident users and teachers of all relevant software and hardware that we have available in school.


We structure our Computing curriculum around our Charlestown whole school "Golden Threads”, ensuring that the children are able to make links across our curriculum. Our unit map can be seen below. We ensure that Online Safety is weaved throughout the curriculum and discussed at all appropriate opportunities and whenever an online safety issue arises. We also take part in the annual Safer Internet Day, organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre.

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