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We have rewritten our curriculum to personalise it and meet our children’s needs. It builds upon progressive knowledge and skills. Our curriculum is designed to enable children to make connections between their developing knowledge and skills, their prior learning, and their experiences. Our curriclum enables our children to be ambitious, curious and adventurous learners who can grow into successful, confident, and responsible individuals and citizens. Our 3-year digital strategy also enables our learners to be forward thinking, innovative and in keeping up with technological advances. We have invested heavily in our digital technology to enable all children to have the opportunities to thrive in preparation for their future employment.

Class teachers are responsible for planning the delivery of the curriculum for their class. They make decisions with their year group partner about what resources and materials they will use, and how they differentiate access to learning appropriately. Teachers focus their daily preparation and planning around what children already know (using proven retrieval practive methods) and by considering what they are learning to do (skills) or know (knowledge) next.

Subject leaders are responsible for enuring the progression in core knowledge, skills and concepts in year group plans is in place. They ensure that all teachers are familiar with curriculum expectations through support, monitoring and clear communication, with a focus on ensuring that outcomes can be achieved by all pupils and that children are prepared for their next stage of learning.

Class teachers evaluate the current level of children’s learning each lesson using retrieval practice techniques. They then use a range of techniques througout each session using small steps and effective questioning. They use this to analyse how effecively children are achieving or exceeding expectations and adapt their planning and delivery accordingly. Teachers provide Subject Leaders with summative information about the outcomes of children in their class.

Subject Leaders routinely evaluate the summative outcomes for their area of responsibility. They use this analysis to identify any necessary actions to develop the quality of provision in their subject and to benchmark outcomes against expectations beyond their school.



Curriculum values:





Never stop asking questions


Life and learning begins at the end of your comfort zone!

We will learn to have the courage to pursue our dreams, knowing that nothing will stand between us and our goals.

British values commitment

At Charlestown, the British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs are rooted in our curriculum and the way in which we treat each other through our key school value of being safe. Children learn about these values through assemblies, class PSHE/circle time sessions and through our purposely designed curriculum.

Wellbeing commitment

Mental health and wellbeing is also a priority here at Charlestown and our brilliant PSHE curriculum runs alongside our two dedicated Learning mentors and a Family support worker, to ensure that children and families are in the right place mentally to learn and be supported to learn. We focus on the five ways to wellbeing, with many opportunities to be active, learn a new skill, talk through feelings and emotions, socialise and give to others. We believe these are crucial to developing a well-rounded, independent individual that can take strategies into their adult life and continue to be successful.





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At Charlestown, we want our children to be curious, adventurous and aspirational learners and responsible, respectful and safe citizens, so we constantly reflect on our learning opportunities to provide the best possible education for all children.


We have also adopted the Manchester bee to reflect our commitment to hard work, resilience and working together. It is also our belief that children should develop and embrace a strong sense of community identity and the Manchester bee aptly represents the wonderful sense of character and unity that this wonderful city has. We want children to be proud of Manchester and their local community and therefore our new curriculum provides amazing opportunities to embed this through the thread of 'Identity'.


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