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As the weather gets colder we find that comfort food is on our minds. What better way to get a your fix of nice, home cooked food than cooking as a family using the recipes below? Manchester Fayre, the company who currently supply the school dinner menus at Charlestown, have written this recipe book for you to follow and use at home. They have included the following recipes:

Main courses:
• Chicken curry
• Lasagne
• Sticky chicken
• Sweet & sour
• Neapolitan sauce (tasty pasta sauce recipe)
• Naan bread
• Cheese whirl
• Cheese flan
• Quorn cobbler

Light bites / easy lunch recipes:
• Hot paninis
• Flatbread pizza
• BBQ Quorn pittas

Second course:
• Chocolate & beetroot muffins
• Vegan sponge cake
• Sponge cake
• Flapjack

All main course recipes are designed to feed a family of 6. Simply click on the title you fancy and get cooking!

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