Talk Teeth

Teeth Messages for You and Your Children

· Take your child for regular visits to the Dentist , if you are struggling call 111 or log onto NHS Choices and click dentists

· Always make sure teeth and gums are brushed with a family fluoride toothpaste morning and night time , spit but don’t rinse to help keep the fluoride on the teeth for longer this gives  added protection

· Keep anything sweet for mealtimes only—too many attacks of sugar on teeth will cause teeth to go bad . “ Save your sweets til after tea don’t bring them here when you meet me “

· We and the school would like parents to swap sweets for fruit at home time—keep those lovely teeth nice and healthy

· Milk or water are the best for teeth ! Any other drinks should be kept for a mealtime

If you do need any further information please call the Oral Health Team on

0161 230 1833

Caroline and Kathryn will be happy to help