The Clifford Lamb Court resident's jubilee party.

The Urban Crew were invited to Clifford Lamb Court to help the residents celebrate the Queen's Jubilee.

They were greeted by friendly smiles, union jack flags, banners and party food.

After they had all eaten the children were interested to find out if any of the residents had met any of the royal family so they asked the residents some questions about their life, past and present.

Some of the Urban Crew enjoyed a dance with some of the residents whilst they all sang along.

They had a raffle with the chance to win some treats and then the children helped to tidy up.

The residents all said goodbye and even thanked the children for coming and clapped as they left.

The children said that they had a fantastic afternoon and have decided to make thank-you cards whilst they are off school for the half term holiday.

Could we also take this opportunity to say a big "Thank-you" to Angelina, the resident support worker who invited us to the party and has made us feel very welcome on every visit.