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We love learning and we love capturing it even more! Take a look at all the exciting things our children get up to. Keep checking often to see what we've been up to - can you spot your Nursery or Reception child?


Autumn 1 in Reception

It's been a busy half term in Reception. Children have settled back into school well and are hard at work learning in their environments and on their class carpet. We are working on key skills to help us progress throughout the year and learning lots of new things too!


IMG_1260.JPG       IMG_1308.JPG       IMG_1430.JPG   


IMG_1427.JPG       IMG_1443.JPG       IMG_1431.JPG   


IMG_0022.jpg       IMG_1243.JPG

Autumn 1 in Nursery

Nursery are fully settled in now and learning is in full swing. Can you spot what learning they are doing both indoors and outdoors?


image_67191809.JPG      image_67202305.JPG       image_67206657.JPG       image_67208961.JPG       image_67221249.JPG  


image_67237889.JPG       IMG_1196.jpeg       IMG_1227.jpeg       IMG_1236.jpeg       IMG_1280.jpeg  



IMG_1286.jpeg   IMG_1315.jpeg   IMG_1319.jpeg   IMG_1320.jpeg   IMG_1328.jpeg


Settling in.

We have been busy exploring our new environments and settling into Charlestown these past couple of weeks. We love it!


IMG-1179.JPG   IMG-1184.JPG   IMG-1196.JPG


Reception and Nursery 2021/22 Cohort:

Last year our Reception and Nursery cohort had a fab time. Take a look at some of things they got up to!


The Great Outdoors!


We love outdoors 1.jpg      We love outdoors 2.jpg       


Spot the Season or weather!


Spot the Season 1.jpg       Spot the Season 2.jpg        Spot the season 3.jpg


Pumpkin explorers (linked to our ‘Pumkpin Soup’ Learning)


Pumpkin Soup 1.jpg           Pumpkin Soup 2.jpg             Pumpkin Soup 3.jpg


Initial sound practising - Can you Fred talk, read the word?


CVC words 1.jpg       CVC words 2.jpg        CVC words 3.jpg


Fine Motor Skills


Fine Motor 2.jpg        Fine Motor 3.jpg


Identity Learning


Identity 1.jpg         Identity 2.jpg


We love writing


Writing 1.jpg         Writing 2.jpg        Writing 3.jpg


Counting - Do you know one more than?


Counting 1.jpg             Counting 2.jpg

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