Our Learning Phases

Here at Charlestown, we understand that learning is a journey and we also appreciate that times of change and transition can be hard. To support this, the journey through Charlestown is divided into 3 main phases of development with an additional area for those who may need some extra support. 



Phase 1 is the start of your Charlestown journey. These are Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes.


Here you meet new friends and learn how to play and explore together. You have many of your interactions through play. You uncover the wonderful world of letters, sounds and numbers and start to make sense of the world around you. You explore being creative, learn how to stay safe but also how to take risks in your learning and start to learn how to be respectful and responsible individuals.




By phase 2, you are learning and discovering new knowledge and skills every day. Thes are Years 2 and 3.

You are using your imagination to start writing fantastic stories and are beginning to solve tricky problems in Maths and science by developing your resilience. Having learnt your phonics, you are now beginning to read fluently and find out amazing things about the wonderful world that you live in.

By now, you have discovered how to keep yourself and others safe, understand the importance of different rules and you are working towards being a great team member who is a responsible and respectful Charlestown citizen.



By phase 3, you are developing and embedding fluent reading skills ready to become lifelong learners with great ambition and resilience.

These are Years 4,5 and 6.

Reading has set you free to achieve anything you want to. Taking responsibility for your own attitude, learning and behaviours will now enable you to thrive. You also know that mistakes are accepted and respected and help you to learn. You are a great team player and opportunities to become great leaders start here. You are the future. You are pioneers, preparing the way for others to follow. Dream big and aim high!



The ARC are adventurous explorers, discoverers and pioneers who work in an addition classroom environment.

In the ARC, every child is on a different and personal adventure, all taking different routes along the way.  The Adventurers learn to be responsible for their learning and learn how to stay safe along the way.

Adventurers have more captains and guides to ensure they reach their destination safely and successfully, ready for their next quest and empowering adventurers to thrive.


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