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Physical Education

At Charlestown Primary School we believe that all children should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential in PE and School Sports, through receiving high quality PE and sports teaching and an exciting and challenging curriculum. 


All children are entitled to at least 2 hours of PE which include dance, gymnastics, invasion games, net/wall games, striking and fielding games, swimming and athletics. There are also opportunities for children to continue to develop these skills through extra-curriculum clubs.


We are also very proud of the children who have excelled at their chosen sports and represented the school at both local and city wide competitions. Last year saw a successful cross country team, athletics team, both boys’ and girls’ football teams and cheerleading squad, and this year we aim for more opportunities for children to shine. These children have been a credit to the school, not only for the competition themselves but for the teamwork, dedication and sportsmanship they have shown.


Sports Premium

The government is providing additional funding for primary schools to improve the provision of physical education. This funding is ring-fenced and can therefore only be spent on the provision of PE and sport. Charlestown Primary School have received:


£19,359 for the academic year 2017/18

£19,360 for the academic year 2018/19 

£19,480 for the academic year 2019/20

£19,650 for the academic year 2020/21

£19,530 for the academic year 2021/22

£ 19,500 for the academic year 2022/23


How are we using the funding to benefit our children at Charlestown?

We have allocated the funding in a number of ways:


  • Professional development for both the PE lead and teachers
  • Extra PE clothing to ensure all children can access their PE lessons
  • Competition Outfits
  • To increase pupil participation in the Manchester PE association games
  • Transport to competitions
  • After school sports activities 
  • Enhanced sport learning opportunitiesOur investments are sustainable because we invest in good quality equipment and CPD. This means our children receive the best provision by the best people and will always have PE kit to enable them to participate. By providing transport, we will guarantee that no child is disadvantaged by being unable to attend a sporting event. 


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