School Uniform

School Uniform

It is an expectation that all children attending Charlestown Community Primary School will wear school uniform with pride. 

We do not however have girls and boys uniform, more a list of items that can be worn by any gender. 

Items can be bought from our recommended retailer or from local supermarkets such as Asda in Harpurhey or Tesco's in Blackley.

Recomended retailer: 


List of items

White or light blue polo shirt - with or without logo

Grey or black skirt, shorts or trousers

Blue summer gingham dress

Navy blue jumper - with or without logo

Navy blue cardigan - with or without logo

Navy blue hoodie with initials (Y6 only)

Black school shoes or plain black trainers


In hot weather, uniform is still required, but polo shirts and dresses can be worn without cardigans and jumpers. 



Here at Charlestown, we want to make things as affordable as possible. 

We also have a FREE uniform swap shop and encourage families to donate good quality, used uniform to us. If you have any uniform you can donate, please drop this into school and hand to any member of our team. We will then wash it and have it available for anyone who would like it. This is open to all families and we have lots of uniform in stock. Please talk to anyone in school that you feel comfortable talking to and they can help you.

Também temos uma loja de troca de uniformes GRATUITA e incentivamos as famílias a doarem uniformes 
usados ​​de boa qualidade para nós. Se você tiver algum uniforme que possa doar,
por favor, deixe-o na escola e entregue a qualquer membro de nossa equipe.
Vamos então lavá-lo e tê-lo disponível para quem quiser.
Isso está aberto a todas as famílias e temos muitos uniformes em estoque.
Por favor, converse com qualquer pessoa na escola com quem você se sinta à vontade para conversar
e eles podem ajudá-lo.

بھی ہے اور خاندانوں کی حوصلہ افزائی کرتے ہیں کہ وہ ہمیں اچھے معیار، استعمال شدہ یونیفارم عطیہ کریں۔ اگر آپ کے پاس کوئی یونیفارم ہے تو آپ عطیہ کر سکتے ہیں، براہ کرم اسے اسکول میں چھوڑ دیں اور ہماری ٹیم کے کسی رکن کو دیں۔ پھر ہم اسے دھو لیں گے اور اسے ہر اس کے لیے دستیاب کرائیں گے جو اسے پسند کرے گا۔ یہ تمام خاندانوں کے لیے کھلا ہے اور ہمارے پاس بہت ساری یونیفارم اسٹاک میں ہے۔ براہ کرم اسکول میں کسی سے بھی بات کریں جس سے آپ بات کرنے میں آرام محسوس کرتے ہیں اور وہ آپ کی مدد کر سکتے ہیں۔










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