Our School Meal Ordering System - My Evolve Hub


If your child is on School Dinners, dinner money is to be paid to the school in advance via My Evolve Hub on www.myevolvehub.com. Please note that Dinner Money is currently £12.50 per week.


You will be able to log in to your account My Evolve Hub  and order the meals for your child. It may be a lovely idea to sit with your child and let them help you to choose the meals that they would like to try. We think this is a better way for you to be able to see what your child is eating in school each day and also your child will receive the food that they like to eat rather than what is left in the kitchen if they happen to be last in for lunch that day. Every child in the school will need to have an account set up, regardless of whether they are on free/paid meals or packed lunches. 


Once you have set up an account, (there are two help guides at the bottom of this page), your child will need a unique code that is linked to their name, please contact the school office if you cannot see your child on your account.  You can also keep your child's dietary requirements up to date on your account.


If your child is going to be absent you will need to log into the account and cancel the meal that has been ordered for that day, even if your child receives free school meals, please still cancel the meal before 9.30am as the meal will be wasted if it isn't cancelled. 


There is also a help guide on how to cancel a meal and request a refund. (please note the dinner must be cancelled before 9.30am on the day absent, to request a refund). If you have any problems setting the account up or keeping the account up to date then please email help@evolve4.net send them a message or leave your contact telephone number and somebody will get back to you. 


You will also need to let the office know if you are changing your child's dinner requirements from packed lunches to school meals or from school meals to packed lunches as charges may incur if you pay for school meals.


**If you think your child qualifies for Free School Meals, please open the 'Free School Meals' tab under the Parent Information menu on this website**


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