Our EYFS Curriculum




Here at Charlestown, our curriculum has been designed by the interests and likes of the children in our cohorts. This year, we are introducing some new half-termly focuses that the previous Reception cohort (now our Year 1s!) helped to choose and design. We have designed these new focuses to ensure that we make the progression of learning meaningful for all our children and to enable them to enhance their knowledge and understanding. We encourage children to see how their knowledge and understanding builds up over time. 


Here are Nursery's Half-Termly Focuses:


Nursery xlum.png


Here are Reception's Half-Termly Focuses:


Reception xlum.png



In the second week of each half term we will upload a Curriculum Overview and Important Vocabulary Sheet for the children's topic. These will help you to see what your child will be learning and focusing on that half term. Why not download the Important Vocabulary sheet and practice these words with your child?

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