Help and support

We know times are hard and we want to help. 

Free Uniform


Did you know we have a free recycled uniform scheme run by volunteer parents and school. Here, we have freshly washed and ready to wear second hand uniform totally free of charge. All you need to do is contact Caroline Morrison (Family Support Worker), the class teacher, office or the parent group and you will be taken to the room discreetly to take what you need. No questions asked.


Free Breakfast


We offer a free breakfast to all our children each and every school day. This is funded partly by the school and the Magic Breakfast Programme. If you would like some bagels for home or even boxes of cereal, just let us know and we can order this for you at no cost. We want all our children to start the day with a satisfied tummy, so please ask if you would like some cereal or bagels to take home. 


Free swap shop

Stroud Freegle – Get Or Give Free Stuff

We are just about to launch a new Facebook page that offers all our families the chance to get things they made need for free. You can also donate good quality items to the scheme. More information will follow in the coming days. We believe that this will help all families whilst times are hard. If you have any donations, please keep them for the moment until we finalise the arrangements. So far we have; free curtains, alarm clocks, headphones, trainers etc and hope to signpost families to a whole host of freebies in the coming weeks.



Reduced price food

Check out this amazing offer 

Please also see the link below - this is a fantastic scheme that will help you feed your family for less than £10 a week!


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