Charlestown Team 2023/2024


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The team here at Charlestown are amazing. Their commitment to the children education and nurture is inspiring and exciting.

All the team are committed to working closely with parents and the community to enable all children to achieve their best. We will always be open, transparent and honest with you, but please remember, the team are human - they sometimes make mistakes and they have families and emotions too. We promise that you will always be listened to and you will always receive an apology if we make a mistake.

Welcome to an honest and refreshing environment of commitment and collaboration.


Our Team 2023/2024

The list below will help you find who you need to contact, click the name of the person to send them an email.

Please note: Parents should contact the Class Teacher as the first point of call, their email addresses can be found by clicking on their name below, followed by the Phase Leader, before contacting the Deputy Head Teachers then the Head Teacher over individual concerns or issues.

Due to large volumes of emails received, please only contact the Head Teacher directly if it is a whole school issue or you have already spoken to other members of the team.
Thank you.


The Senior Leadership Team
Head Teacher and Senior Mental Health lead, Wellbeing lead, CPD lead, co Music lead, - Ms. Collis
Deputy Head for Quality of Education, Pupil Premium and Assessment lead: Ms. Boocker
Deputy Head for Inclusion, SENDCO and co Music lead: Ms. Peters

Business Manager - Ms. Bailey

Pioneers (Year 4, 5 and 6) Phase Leader and Maths lead - Mr. Armstrong
Discoverers (Year 2 and 3) Phase Leader and Reading lead - Ms. Haigh
Explorers (Nursery, Reception and Year 1) Phase Leader - Ms. Francis


Safeguarding team

Safeguarding lead - Ms. Peters
Safeguarding governor - Ms. McKeown

Other members of the team:

Headteacher - Ms. Collis
Family support Worker - Ms. Morrison
Attendance officer - Ms. Aslam
Learning mentor Safeguarding lead - Mr. Greaves
Learning mentor Safeguarding lead - Ms. Griffin
TA Safeguarding lead - Ms. McGowan

Year 6 - Mr. Armstrong (Phase Leader, Team 11, Maths Lead and inclusion lead) and Ms. Wright (Team 6, PSHE and RE lead)
Teaching Assistants - Mr. Garvey and Ms. King

Year 5 - Ms. Johnson (Team 9) and Ms. Capstick (Team 10, Foundation Curriculum lead, SMSC/British Values/Cultural Capital lead)
Teaching Assistants - Mr. Aykroyd and Ms. Kelly 

Learning mentor for Year 5 - Mr Greaves

Year 4 - Ms. A Wilson (Team 7, Art and DT lead) and Ms. Smith (Team 8, History lead)
Teaching Assistants - Ms. Butler, Ms. Fawcett and Ms. Jones

SEN Assistant - Ms. Clare


Discoverers Team
Year 3 - Mr. Stott (Team 5) and Mr. Higginbotham (Team 6, Computing lead, Online Safety lead)
Teaching Assistants - Ms. Butler, Ms. McGowan and Ms. Seagrave

Year 2 - Ms. Rathor (Team 3) and Ms. Haigh (Phase Leader, Team 4, Reading lead) 
Teaching Assistants - Ms. Bradley and Ms. Musson

Tutor: Ms. Fenton

SEN Assistant - Ms. McConnell


Explorers Team
Year 1 - Ms. Hancock (Team 1, Phonics lead, Aspirations lead) and Ms. Ahmed (Team 2, MFL lead, EAL lead)
Teaching Assistants: Ms. Dutton, Ms. Lyons and Ms. Talks

Reception - Ms. Francis (Phase Leader, Reception 1) and Ms. Cole (Reception 2, Outdoor Learning lead) 
Teaching assistants: Ms. McConnell, Ms. Robertson and Ms. Ryan

Nursery - Ms. Hanson (Nursery 1) and Ms. Ncube (Nursery 2)
Teaching Assistants - Ms. Allen, Ms. Barker and Ms. Roberts

SEN Assistant - Ms. McConnell


Adventurers Team
Ms. Ingram (ARC Lead Teacher/PE and Zones of inclusion lead)
Teaching Assistants - Ms. Caveney, Ms. Jayakumar, Ms. Southworth and Mr Ahmed


Across classes learning

Ms. S Wilson (Science lead) and Ms. Boocker (Deputy Head, Reading interventions, School Council and Assessment lead), Mrs Peters and Mrs Collis


Soon to be returning teachers

Ms. Meir (Maternity Leave, Writing Lead and Sustainability Lead)
Ms. Stocks (Maternity Leave)


Learning Mentors and pastoral care
Mr. Greaves and Ms. Griffin
Hugo the Dog Mentor


Admin Team
Business Manager - Ms. Bailey
Receptionist - Mrs. Gauld
Admin Officer - Ms. Brady
Finance and HR Officer - Ms. Byfield
Attendance Officer - Ms. Aslam
Family Liaison Officer - Ms. Morrison
Network Manager - Mr. Barnes


Caretaking and Cleaning Team
Site Manager - Mr. Bailey 07497 340153 (6.30 am - 12.30 pm)
Cleaners - Ms. Comer, Ms. Sullivan and Ms. Hussein


Lunchtime Organisers
Ms. Bardsley, Ms. Bridge, Ms. Jones, Ms. Kennedy, Ms. Khawar, Ms. Moss, Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Turner, Ms. Smith and Ms. Windle

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