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HISTORY at Charlestown


Through History at Charlestown, we aim to ignite our children’s curiosity about the past. We believe that a well-rounded History curriculum will allow children to gain a clear knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. 




Why study this concept?


Chronology is a challenging concept to teach because of its abstract nature. Chronology is important because it contributes to children's sense of identity and helps them create a context for understanding the present. In order to grasp and consider the ‘big questions' of history, children need to establish in their own minds a chronology of events to enable them to make connections between them and see the wider implications of their studies in history


When investigating progression over time, advancements in technology help to introduce the concept of historical change.  By investigating how things we take for granted in everyday life, such as travelling by car or making a phonecall, haven’t always been as easy children can see the purpose of studying history and how the world around them has been influenced by the past.


Learning about ancient civilisations  helps children have a better understanding of the world. By understanding the progression of ancient civilisations, children will improve their understanding of the world and the people who live in it. Ancient civilizations provide insight into why and how history has unfolded and become as it is.


Empires are some of the most important developments in world

history. Most empires were huge, lasted a long time and  brought 

tremendous changes to many parts of the world. For millions of 

people, the  world today is the way it is because of the impact of the 

British and world empires.

Invasions & Settlements

By understanding that many different people have settled in Britain over time, children develop their knowledge of British history.  By investigating the key aspects of the nature of invasion and settlement in children will learn how different groups of settlers fit into the chronology of Britain and have helped shape life today.


Learning about trade is not just about money, or exchange, or the distribution of resources. It is about human action, and interaction. Trading is greatly important to the global economy and had a great impact on the cause of historical change.


Through ‘Identity’ there is focus on local history because our school vision is all about gaining a sense of pride about Manchester and their local area. Children will be able to celebrate their city’s identity by learning about how we got to where we are now and about some of the people and events that shaped our city.


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