The teaching of phonics is an integral part of the curriculum and we teach phonics right up to Y6 to ensure that no child is left behind.


In April 2021, we introduced Read, Write, Inc. as our approach to teaching early reading. Read, Write, Inc. is an ambitious, systematic, synthetic phonics program which enables all children to read accurately and fluently whilst developing and supporting their comprehension. Throughout the programme, children learn the English alphabetic code along with the letter-sound correspondences at a rapid pace with the help of simple and enjoyable mnemonics. Once the children have grasped the alphabetic code, they continue accessing Read, Write, Inc. however more time is dedicated to further developing their fluency and comprehension skills until they become the fluent and confident readers that we aspire them to become.  


Each child is assessed half termly and will learn in a group with other children who are working at the same phase. Children move groups once they have grasped and secured understanding.


At the end of Year 1 there is a statutory Phonics Screening Check each year for all year 1 pupils and those in Year 2 who did not pass the phonics Screening the previous year in Year 1. During this check , the pupils will have to read 40 real and pseudo (alien) words through segmenting, blending and applying their phonics knowledge.


For new arrivals in years 3-6 and those with additional needs or gaps in learning, daily phonics sessions are run by support staff to ensure no child is left behind. We strive for every child to have a good level of reading development before they leave Charlestown.  








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